Living lab Thessaly

The Living Lab Thessaly (LLT) is a consortium of private and public bodies that constitute an innovative pole of reference for knowledge promotion focusing on “Quality of Life”. As such, the LLT aspires to exploit the unique climate, economic and societal conditions of Greece and facilitate testing for quality of life services and strategies in large populations. LLT is a founding member of the European Network of Living Labs ( and one of the few of its kind in the Southeastern Europe. Moreover, the partners who comprise the LLT are already active in European-driven community and research efforts.

“Quality of Life”, which is an issue related to the interests of the University of Thessaly, the Research Centre (CE.RE.TE.TH) and the 6 hospitals of the Thessaly region. Moreover, the aims of LLT are strongly supported by the 71 information technology and high tech companies that are members of the Technological Park of Thessaly, also a member of LLT.

LLT is based in Trikala, a city located at the centre of Greece. The municipality, a LLT member, offers increased bandwidth wireless services to its citizens free of charge. This medium has set the basis for widespread involvement of Trikala citizens in the activities of LLT. The public bodies of LLT incorporate the University of Thessaly, CE.RE.TE.TH, and all hospitals of Thessaly, the city of Trikala and other bodies. Private bodies are many companies from the Thessaly region and the rest of Greece.

LLT aims at:

  • boosting applied ICT research in the field of human movement (human performance, prevention and rehabilitation)
  • contributing to the scientific and economical development of the region
  • creating the potential for the commercial exploitation of user-driven research products and thus improve the quality of life of  people with chronic disease and  injuries as well as that of children and aging populations.

LLT offers the following services:

  • Provides a unique validation environment for ICT based products and innovative services, strengthening industrial growth of region and business dexterity.
  • Provides products and services to improve the quality of life of citizens (end-users).
  • Facilitates research development within the area and particularly its applicability in the local area and in Greece in general and strengthen the local research community.
  • Creates the necessary mechanisms for the transfer of the knowledge created in the main bodies of LLT, and assist in the development of the Thessaly prefecture, as an innovative high-level research centre.
  • Provides the necessary mechanisms and guidance that will allow local stakeholder engagement in and execution of proposals for large scale projects funded by the State or private companies, which cannot be realized within the existing framework of the Greek universities and research centers.
  • Supports research and services related to problems of the region of Thessaly and Greece that ultimately help realize the Lisbon strategy for jobs and growth in Europe.